Chemistry Hosts Alumni Symposium


The KU Chemistry Department hosted an Alumni Symposium May 19-20, 2017 in Lawrence for alumni, faculty, staff and students, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Adams Institute. The two-day event began on Friday, May 19 with a scientific symposium and lunch at the Kansas Union, and was followed by an early evening reception at the Oread Hotel on campus. On Saturday morning, May 20, the Chemistry Department held a poster session and brunch featuring research updates from active KU Chemistry faculty research groups, and concurrently offered hard-hat tours of the new Integrated Science Building (the future home of KU CHEM). These events were followed by an afternoon golf outing in memory of Craig Lunte. A great time was had by all!
Please visit the Adams Institute website to view more photos of symposium events. Selected photos below show Soper Group participants.

  • Dr. Matt Jackson giving his presentation “Liquid Biopsies for Managing Cancer Treatment: Biomarkers and Diagnostics

  • Dr. Steve Soper giving his closing remarks at the Friday symposium

  • Dr. Steve Soper explaining the Adams Academic Tree

  • The Adams Academic Tree

  • The invited speakers all received KU Chemistry Department beakers for their contribution to the symposium

  • Group photo of the invited speakers

  • Dr. Ted Kuwana, Charuni Amarasekara, and Dr. Steve Soper: three generations of the academic tree

  • Prof. Steve Soper with his Ph.D. advisor Prof. Ted Kuwana

  • Members of the Soper group stand with Dr. Ted Kuwana. From Left: Mengjia Hu, Matt Hupert, Cong Kong, Ted Kuwana, Maggie Witek, Steve Soper, Matt Jackson, Kumuditha Ratnayake, Brandon Young, Charuni Amarasekara, Swathi Pullagurla, and Camila Campos

  • Clockwise from Left: Steve Soper, Sue Lunte, Ted Kuwana, Jane Kuwana, Ellen Kuwana, Don Leedy

  • Members of the Soper group at the Chemistry Alumni Symposium Friday evening reception. From Left: Lindsey Roe, Kumuditha Ratnayake, Matt Jackson, Brandon Young, Steve Soper, Shauna Soper, Maggie Witek, Charuni Amarasekara

  • Charuni Amarasekara and Maggie Witek at the Saturday poster session

  • Wenting Hu speaking to a member of the Paul Hanson group at the Saturday poster session

  • Maggie Witek and Lindsey Roe at the Saturday poster session

  • Symposium participants ready to take a hard hat tour of the Integrated Science Building, future home of the KU Chemistry Department

  • Steve and Shauna Soper (5th and 6th from left) tour the new Integrated Science Building

  • Steve Soper, right, waits his turn to golf with Bob Dunn and Pete Knutson at the Saturday afternoon golf outing in memory of Craig Lunte

  • Steve Soper tees off at the Saturday afternoon golf outing

  • Participants in the KU Chemistry Alumni Symposium Golf Outing in memory of Craig Lunte

June 16, 2017